2017 Lawyer and Attorney 18 Hole Fundraiser

Thank you all for coming!

There is nothing that beats a beautiful day out on the green and that perfect day can be made even better by the thought that your swing is making a difference in someone’s life.

Make a difference, one swing at a time through this fund raising golf tournament in Florida for Law Practicing golf enthusiasts.  Enjoy the sun all while having an excellent time next to friends, colleagues or family as they cheer you on try to beat you on the green.

There a plethora of ways to participate with the most common being carrying your, hopefully generous, donation or contribution to the golf tournament with you.

For those of you who wish to participate in other ways, you have a chance to sponsor a hole, which gives you the rare chance of having a hole named after you or the organization you’re representing.

This is the perfect way to catch up with old friends and the tournament offers you a chance to do exactly this while still helping the cause as you can purchase discounted foursome tickets which is incentive enough to get you and your pals to come out to the tournament and have a good time. There will also be golfing merchandise for sale at the tournament with proceeds going towards the fund raiser kitty. If your swing is not at its best but you don’t want your score card paying the price then it’s best to take advantage of the mulligan purchase offer at the tournament which is available right before the tournament begins. Food and drinks will be on sale at the tournament for you to enjoy after your round on the golf course so don’t be afraid to work up an appetite.

A BIG Special Thanks to the Following Law Firms:

Duane Morris Firm

Gunster Law

Scott and Smith Law

We appreciate your attendance in advance and hope that you will have a good time on the green knowing that swing is making a difference. See you then- A Special Thanks from the founder